Imagine 100 men, 1000 men or even 10,000 men coming together for a weekend to become better fathers, better husbands and better servant-leaders of their church, their community.

Imagine these men confess to one another where they’ve failed and build each other up with encouraging words, Godly wisdoms.

Imagine these men realizing that their struggles are not unique.  They are not alone.  They will laugh, they might cry…but they will certainly be transformed.  They will not only hear, see but they will practice what they’ve learned on one another and feel the impact of their power as fathers, as Godly men.

This is M4:6 Live…founder Freddie Scott and his team of coaches present the M4:6 teachings live and lead the audience through small-group activities that translate concepts into immediately viable tools.

M4:6 is a Partnership between a Host Church and the M4:6 Team.

Our host-partner provides the location, the on-the-ground local/regional outreach effort to promote the event, hospitalities needs and event management (registration, refunds, volunteers/staff).

M4:6 provides the curriculum and our team of coaches to work with the participants in large group, small group and one-on-one sessions.

M4:6 also provides marketing-support material that can be co-branded as well as digital outreach efforts, training material for your volunteers/staff.


As a host-partner of an M4:6 Live event, your organization has the ability to invite sponsors to offset the cost of hosting the event, in addition to any nominal registration fee you may wish to charge.

M4:6 retains the right to approve the sponsor participation and once approved, your sponsors will benefit from our integrated marketing exposure in our many channels that include: Websites, Email, Social Media, P.R., Media, Promotions, Events and more.

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